About Us

My name is Aiysha K founder and creator of Arabian Aromas. It was very common within our house as with many others, to light a piece of charcoal and burn a piece of Bakhoor or incense and have the aroma filled smoke travel thoughout the house. However, after being diagnosed with asthma as an adult due to pollution, I was on a quest to making the air starting within my home cleaner and fresher.

Not being able to find a smoke free, non toxic alternative in the fragrances I liked,  I had a light bulb moment and I decided to make my own and loved it.  After many compliments and encouragement from friends and family, I decided to turn my passion into a business so others too can enjoy traditional Middle Eastern fragrances like your oudhs & musks  in a smokeless, Flameless, Eco-friendly, healthier way, through Reed diffusers and soy wax melts. All our products are vegan friendly, cruelty free, non-toxic with no dyes using pure alcohol free oils. We use soya wax which is 100% natural and sustainable and one of the leading non toxic diffuser bases on the market to give you a fresher, cleaner and healthier way to fragrance your space. All our packaging is either recycled, recyclable and or biodegradable.

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