Infused Mukhallath Al-Emirates WAX MELT


Al Emirates

This attar based wax melt is so divine one of our best sellers and a very popular scent in the Middle East, With its deeply intensive complex aromas of three different oudhs with rose, and soft undertones of sandalwood. Using pure soy wax infused with soaked wood chips and pure grade A oils to further intensify and prolong the aroma taking you to the Middle East wherever you are in the world.


Top: Amber, saffron, Hindi Oudd

  • Middle: Cambodian oud, Taifi rose
  • Base: Dry, earthy, woody, leathery and smoke Dehnal Oudh
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Expertly hand poured in small batches to ensure quality and consistency.

CLP Compliant (Classification, Labelling & Packaging)

Alcohol Free oils

100% Pure Soya Wax

Recyclable packaging


simply snap a piece of wax from the pack, place it on an electric wax burner and reuse it until the scent fades.

Do not leave your burner on for extended periods of time – max 4hrs.


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